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  • Assess airflow: Check if the air conditioner’s fan is running and airflow is consistent.
  • Examine thermostat: Verify if the thermostat is set correctly and functioning properly.
  • Inspect refrigerant levels: Test refrigerant levels to ensure they are within the recommended range.
  • Check for leaks: Utilize leak detectors to identify any refrigerant leaks in the system.
  • Test electrical components: Inspect capacitors, relays, and wiring for any signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Clean or replace filters: Dirty or clogged filters can restrict airflow and reduce efficiency, so they should be cleaned or replaced as necessary.
  • Repair or replace faulty parts: Address any identified issues such as damaged capacitors, malfunctioning fans, or leaking refrigerant coils.
  • Perform routine maintenance: Conduct regular cleaning and maintenance tasks such as coil cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and checking for loose connections.
  • Test system performance: After repairs and maintenance, test the air conditioner to ensure it’s operating efficiently and providing adequate cooling.
  • Evaluate airflow: Confirm that the heat pump’s indoor and outdoor fans are operational and airflow is unobstructed.
  • Check thermostat settings: Ensure the thermostat is set correctly for heating mode and is communicating effectively with the heat pump.
  • Inspect outdoor unit: Examine the outdoor unit for any visible damage, debris buildup, or ice formation that could impede proper operation.
  • Test defrost cycle: Check if the heat pump is effectively entering and exiting defrost mode during cold weather to prevent ice buildup.
  • Assess refrigerant levels: Use gauges to measure refrigerant pressure and ensure it’s within the manufacturer’s recommended range.
  • Inspect electrical components: Examine electrical connections, capacitors, and relays for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion.
  • Address refrigerant leaks: Repair any leaks found during the diagnostic process and recharge the system with the appropriate refrigerant if necessary.
  • Replace faulty components: Replace defective parts such as capacitors, contactors, or sensors that are causing issues with the heat pump’s operation.
  • Conduct regular servicing: Perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning coils, lubricating moving parts, and checking for loose connections to optimize heat pump performance and longevity.
  • Assess indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns: Determine the specific IAQ issues present, such as high humidity, airborne pollutants, or inadequate ventilation.
  • Conduct air quality testing: Utilize air quality monitors to measure levels of pollutants such as particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and carbon dioxide.
  • Evaluate existing ventilation systems: Check the condition and effectiveness of ventilation systems, including exhaust fans, air ducts, and air filters.
  • Choose appropriate IAQ solutions: Select air quality equipment tailored to address identified issues, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, or ventilation systems with heat recovery.
  • Inspect equipment quality: Ensure that selected IAQ devices meet industry standards for efficiency, safety, and performance.
  • Verify compatibility: Check compatibility with existing HVAC systems and ensure proper sizing for the space to be treated.
  • Professional installation: Install IAQ equipment according to manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices to ensure optimal performance.
  • Test functionality: Conduct thorough testing of installed IAQ devices to confirm proper operation and integration with existing HVAC systems.
  • Establish maintenance schedule: Set up a regular maintenance schedule for IAQ equipment, including filter replacement, cleaning, and calibration, to maintain effectiveness and prolong service life.


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Air Pro Heating & Cooling LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona, is a family owned and operated business. With over 20 + years of professional experience in the residential & commercial HVAC industry. 

Our technicians are RSI Graduates, EPA Universal Licensed & Master Heat Pump Technicians to ensure homeowners will get the best professional experience possible. We take pride in our service and workmanship. Offering maintenance, service, and professional grade installation.

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Carlos and his technician came over today to offer their free estimate on our entire cooling/heating system. And thank goodness, because the last person to look at the unit was someone from my home warranty - and needless to say, they only put a band aid on what needed fixing. Today's visit was amazing - both gentlemen were very informative and above all, very professional. I had some hesitancy at first, but Carlos answered all my questions and helped ease my mind. Once the entire estimate was done, they both shared videos and photos of their findings and spoke to me in a manner I could understand. I appreciate every aspect of today's visit and look forward to reviewing the emails sent to me to determine my next steps. I can truly say, I trusted both these gentlemen today and because of how nice and respectful they both were, I will for sure do business with Air Pro in the very near future. Thank you guys!
Felix came out and repaired our AC units. Felix was very knowledgeable and very professional. He explained everything to us thoroughly and made sure we understood everything. Thank you Felix. We highly recommend Air Pro Heating and Cooling. Make sure to ask for Felix.
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